Our Strength

Our Strengths

Company is backed by a committed and hardworking team. Our well experienced team is well versed with the latest technologies and trends which assist us in offering qualitative services to our clients. Our company is having a team of experienced and devoted people who are committed to provide best level of customer services.

System Driven And Technology Savvy

We have in-house capabilities for design, engineering, bid surveys, tendering for projects, preparing financial models, construction and maintenance of our projects. Through our experienced design and engineering teams, we plan every step of a project and, over time, have developed strong project management and execution expertise and capabilities.

Project execution capabilities enable company to exercise greater control over the costs of projects, quality and timely execution of construction, operation and maintenance allowing us to capture a significant portion of the economic value chain in projects that we execute. We have a robust inventory management system which enables us to efficiently manage our inventory and monitor the supply of equipment and mobilisation of resources in a cost effective and timely manner

Strong Track Record Of Completed Infrastructure With Focus On Roads And Highways Projects

We are an established construction, development and maintenance service company, with a track record of 23 years of experience and expertise in execution of various road and bridges focused projects in Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Hoshangabad, Bhopal, Dhar, Khandwa, Badwani, khargoan etc. We provide infrastructure services on a lump sum basis as well as on an item rate and percentage rate basis, primarily in the road sector including bridges and highways, and building and other civil construction projects.

During the last five fiscals, we have completed roads and highways projects above aggregating to a total contract value of Rs 3132.33.4 million, and buildings and other than civil construction projects aggregating to a total contract value of Rs 672.89 million. Our primary focus on providing services on the roads, bridges and highways projects has helped us in gaining technical expertise in undertaking projects of different sizes and involving varying degree of complexity while simultaneously helping us to also develop quality control systems, acquire a fleet of modern construction equipment and employ manpower to supplement the growth of our operations.

Our credentials and pre-qualifications have allowed us to increase our target market size and Order Book. Some of our key projects in the roads and highways segment include the Kannod – Satwas -Punasa Road Section of SH-41 from Chainage Km. 0+000 to km.77+330 (Design length 77 + 320 km.) to two lane Cement Concrete pavement with hard /paved shoulder in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Construction and Widening Tarana Mangliya Vyaskhedi Road 32.6 Km.

We constantly liaise with regulatory and local authorities in order to ensure that our projects are not stalled due to non-availability of any statutory or regulatory clearances, non-availability of land, human resources, plant and machinery etc., or other instances of cost-overrun which allows us to complete projects in a timely manner.

Further, we undertake majority of our projects through our own employees and appoint contractors for only noncore portions of our projects. Our experience and established track record of executing road and other civil infrastructure projects allows us to meet the necessary pre-qualification requirements and helps us identify and mitigate certain development and operational risks.

Ability To Deliver Projects On Time

We focus on performance and project execution in order to maximize client satisfaction and deliver projects on time. We intend to integrate best practices from different sectors and geographic regions and continue our practice of efficient planning and project management and centralizing procurement of major equipment and raw materials. This is designed to help us scale up our operations at a lower cost and enjoy greater economies of scale.

Client Centric Approach

Our company focuses on providing the customers with the desired and standard quality of work. By providing the desired quality and standards of work we aim to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. Because of our good reputation with the clients we get positive support from the client. We believe that developing and maintaining long term sustainable relationships with our suppliers, customers and employees will help us in achieving the organizational goals, increasing sales and entering into new markets.

Quality Assurance And Standards

We have been providing our customers the best possible service by constructing roads of better quality. Quality standards followed right from the beginning are stringent, and adhered during the process of construction of projects. We are very particular from usage of right quality of material for construction. Our dedicated efforts towards the quality of material have helped us gain a competitive advantage over others. We believe that our quality construction has earned us goodwill from our customers.

Management And An Integrated In-House Project Team With Strong Execution Capabilities And Extensive Industry Experience

Our management team has experience in the Indian road infrastructure sector. Led by the Chairman of our Board and our Promoter, Mr. Arun Kumar Jain and Mr. Anoop Agrawal (who has extensive experience in the infrastructure construction business), we consider the strength of our management team to be fundamental to our success. We believe the stability of our management team and the industry experience brought on by our employees will enable us to continue to take advantage of future market opportunities and expand into new markets.

We have qualified in-house teams who are responsible for different aspects of our projects starting from identifying prospective projects to the collection of tolls and the operation and maintenance of the projects. We are able to undertake a significant number of activities related to the project in-house, thereby ensuring timely completion of our projects, reducing our reliance on third parties and decreasing our costs. Our integrated structure also allows us to control our budget and maximize returns for the project, including developer returns and operation and maintenance margins.