Project Cycle

Tender :

Firstly, Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) is received on portal. Then from the available NIT, a suitable NIT for the company is selected. After selection of suitable NIT, the process of Tender Preparation initiates, which encompass arranging necessary document and information as specified in the notice.

Tender allotment :

Once the Tender is prepared, it is sent to Department on the date of Tender Opening. If the Tender is according to specifications of the department, then a Letter of Acceptance is received from department. It encompasses all the conditions of work. As soon as the letter of acceptance is received, the company furnish performance guarantee within 15 days.

Mobilisation advance:

The department provides 10% advance of project cost, if the project is of 10 crore or more, in order to meet working capital requirement of the project. To receive 10% advance, we have to provide Bank Guarantee of at least 110%.

Machineries setup :

The allotment of work order is followed by planning process. The process starts with collection of all necessary information of site and project. To get in-depth knowledge of site, it is visited by our engineers and supervisors. On the basis of observation of our engineers and superiors, the project tenure, work allocation, procurement of relevant resources and required machinery setup is incorporated.

Project Execution:

Once the project plan is framed, project work is initiated according to the designed plan. The work is properly executed under the presence of our Engineers and Supervisors, who ensure completion of project efficiently and effectively.

Billing :

The billing is usually done in two ways. One on monthly basis, which is recommended by the department and another on completion of contract basis.

Payment :

Payment is done by the department/client as per the terms of contract and payment term varies as per the contract